Bacteria have been Engineered as Trojan Horse for Promoting Cancer Immunotherapy

A recent study has revealed that engineered bacteria can help in clearing tumors in mice samples. It also serves as the Trojan Horse for promoting cancer immunotherapy.

A study has observed the role of engineered or programmed bacteria in mice sample for getting rid of tumors. The study has observed that a group of programmed bacteria can also help in treating distant tumors that were not even injected. The novel method for clearing tumors can be utilized for local tumors and can help in stimulating the immune system for seeking out the tumors that are difficult to treat.

The field of synthetic biology is emerging rapidly and helps in the designing of new biological systems as well as components for revolutionizing modern medicine. With the help of genetically-programmed bacteria, a team of researchers is currently developing engineered systems that can help in intelligently testing as well as responding to diverse environments. The study could lead to the delivery of highly specific as well as effective solutions when compared with the existing molecular-based therapeutics.

Engineered Bacteria Promoting Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy that makes use of the immune system of the body for fighting cancer, has played a major role in transforming the field of cancer treatment over the past few decades. However, using cancer immunotherapy, only some cases of cancer have shown a positive response in solid tumors. The researchers believe that designing significant therapies that can help in inducing a potential, anti-tumor immune response inside a solid tumor without causing any system triggers or toxicity can turn out to be a challenging task.

Researchers Address the Challenge

A team of researchers at the CUIMC (Columbia University Irving Medical Center) & Columbia Engineering aim at addressing the existing challenge by engineering a specific strain of non-pathogenic bacteria that is capable of colonizing solid tumors in mice samples as well as delivering potential immunotherapies safely. As such, the bacteria strain serves as the Trojan Horse that can help in treating tumors from within. The therapy is known to not only lead the completion of tumor regression in the mice sample having lymphoma, but it also brought about significant control of the uninjected, distant tumor lesions. The reports of the study are published in the journal named “Nature Medicine.” The findings of the study can be highly significant in coming across relevant cancer treatment in the coming times.

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