All-New Wearable Device can Help in Capturing Live Cancer Cells from Blood

While rapid advancements with respect to cancer treatment keep taking place all around the world, a team of scientists has come up with a revolutionary wearable device.

Biopsy turns out to be one of the most common, yet a painful way of detecting cancer. In the given process, a sample of cells or a tissue piece is removed from the body of the patient such that the same can be tested in a lab. However, with rapid modern advancements in the medical industry, the process of biopsy could soon become a thing of the past.

A team of scientists at the University of Michigan has developed an all-new, revolutionary wearable device that can help in capturing the live cancer cells from the blood directly. As such, this wearable device will be helping millions of cancer patients out there to go through the painful biopsy process.

A Revolutionary Wearable Device

Dr. Daniel F. Hayes –a leading professor of breast cancer research at the University of Michigan, explains, “No patient out there likes to go through the painful biopsy process. If the innovative wearable device is capable of deriving ample cancer cells from the blood sample directly, it can be utilized effectively for studying more about tumor biology and tips for effective patient care.” As per the research team, it is vital to measure the cancer cells present in the blood. This is because the live cancer cells are the ones responsible for giving way to more new cancer cells. As it is quite difficult for the cancer cells to survive in the body’s bloodstream, it becomes trickier to detect them at the same time. As such, the all-new wearable gadget can help the doctors in spotting cancer in the bloodstream and preventing the painful biopsies.

Working of the Wearable Device

The all-new wearable device has been currently tested on animals. The device is capable of capturing 3.5 times CTC (Cancer Circulating Cells) in comparison to biopsies and traditional blood sampling tests. This tends to enhance the overall efficiency as well as the accuracy of the treatment. The wearable device is compact and has dimensions of around 2 X 2.5 X 1 inch. Given its compact size, the device can be easily connected to the vein in the arm for deriving the live cancer cells from the bloodstream.

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