All-New Pill Extends Life Expectancy in Breast Cancer Patients Providing Lifeline.

An all-new pill for breast cancer treatment has served to be a lifeline for patients with breast cancer. The patients facing the “death sentence” due to breast cancer can now look forward to increasing the overall life expectancy.

A new pill for the treatment of breast cancer serves to be a major lifeline for those who might be facing the “death sentence” due to breast cancer. The all-new pill aims at extending the overall life expectancy of cancer patients. The pill is referred to as the “magical drug” and aims at improving the life expectancy of women who might be close to death due to breast cancer.

Clinical Trials Showing Effects of the Pill

The pill hails from the results of a major clinical trial. The researchers who are working on the pill say that it can help in transforming the prospect of millions of women out there having breast cancer. Women all around the world are typically known to live 2-3 years longer after taking the pill –especially those who have been diagnosed with the advanced form of breast cancer in which the tumors might have spread to other organs as well.

The experts also say that there have been cases of some women who are still alive –even after 7 years of receiving the pill treatment. The pill that is being employed for the treatment is referred to as “ribociclib.”

Role of ribociclib in Breast Cancer Treatment

The results of the major clinical trial upon the pill were released at the conference at the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The results reveal a major improvement in the overall survival rates amongst the patients who were put on the given drug treatment.

Dr. Sara Hurvitz, the lead researcher at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, California, stated that she, along with her team, might have come across several drugs of the similar kind. However, the results of such a major recovery by improving the survival rates is something that they have also unheard of.

Professor Gabriel Hortobagyi at the University of Texas & MD Anderson Cancer Center was responsible for spearheading the earliest clinical trials of the drug ribociclib. He added that if someone would go thirty years back, the average rate of survival for a woman having metastatic breast cancer was just around 18 months. With the all-new drug treatment, the hopes have risen with respect to breast cancer treatment and survival.

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