All-new Immunotherapy Serves as Hope for Patients with Aggressive Brain Tumor

An all-new immunotherapy has served to be the hope for patients having an aggressive brain tumor.

An aggressive brain tumor is regarded as one of the most lethal tumors out there. It is also referred to as GBM –Glioblastoma Multiforme and is a grade-4 astrocytoma that is quite rare. It has global evidence of around 8-9 individuals every 100,000 people. GBM is known to commonly affect men in comparison to women. While it is known to affect individuals of all age groups, it most commonly tends to occur in individuals between 55 and 60 years of age. The disease is also regarded as quite stubborn and keeps returning even after the most aggressive treatments. This is the reason it is rendered as quite incurable.

An All-New Immunotherapy

Datuk Dr. Azmin Kass Rosman –Head of the Neurosurgery Department at the Hospital Sungai Buloh in Malaysia, states that in the current scenario, the standard treatments for GBM are surgical removal of the tumor from the brain along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

However, recent advancements have released a major breakthrough in the treatment of aggressive brain tumor. A better understanding of the biology of glioblastoma along with developments in the field of modern neurosurgery and rapid technological advancements in the field of immunotherapy has created new hope amongst the patients having the disease.

Molecular Checkpoints Generating New Hope

Immunotherapy is regarded as a specialized medical therapy that has been designed with the aim of improving, supplementing, and in some cases, even replacing the traditional treatments for cancer. It is done in an attempt towards reducing or removing cancerous growths by making use of the natural defense system of the body towards fighting off tumor cells.

For the immune system of the body to identify and fight the cancer cells as a major problem, it is vital to remove the existing compromised immunity checkpoints by making use of some checkpoint inhibitor. In the past few years, immunotherapy for the treatment of GBM has improved rapidly.

The presence of the blood-brain mechanism that serves as the major barrier by filtering out several molecules serves to be the main challenge in the treatment of GBM. However, recent studies have revealed that the immune cells of the body are capable of reaching out to the brain tumors –making the immunotherapy as a viable treatment option.

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