All-new Advanced CAR-T Treatment Might Give Hope to the Cancer Patients
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Judy Wilkins had tried as many as four different chemotherapy sessions for eradicating her cancer. After bleak expectations, Wilkins had to face the reality that she might have only a few months to live. It was then that her cancer care & research team at Dana-Farber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center tried introducing her to a new form of advanced cancer treatment referred to as the “CAR-T” Cell Therapy. With the help of this revolutionary immunotherapy treatment, Wilkins is now cancer free.

Dana-Farber happens to be the only cancer research center in New England that offers the nation-wide clinic trials of the innovative CAR T-cell Therapy treatment. CAR (shot form for “Chimeric Antigen Receptor) T-Cell Therapy treatment is a type of cellular treatment therapy that makes use of the self-immune system of the patient towards rallying an attack on the cancer cells. The T blood cells (white blood cells) are programmed in a manner that they start killing the cancer cells. The T cells are removed from the blood of the patient and engineered for sprouting special structures referred to as CARs (Chimeric Antigen Receptors) on the subsequent surface. When the T blood cells are re-infused into the patient’s system, the CAR T-cells are then able to identify & kill the cancer cells.

In the period of the past five years, the revolutionary treatment of CAR T-cell Therapy has emerged to be a potentially effective treatment for some cancer patients –some with bladder cancer, blood cancer, and others. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) of the USA recently gave the first-ever approval to the advanced CAR T-Cell Therapy treatment for treating the young adults having B-cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).