Aggressive Approach to Pancreatic Cysts Might Help in Preventing Cancer

A new study has revealed that an aggressive approach can be deployed for the treatment of pancreatic cysts for the prevention of the highly dreaded pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is a deadly form of cancer affecting a majority of individuals all across the world. However, new studies in the field of pancreatic cancer research have brought some good news at the same time. A new study has revealed that by making use of an aggressive approach towards treating pancreatic cysts at the earliest can help in preventing the development of deadly cancer. The research observes that when a specific type of cancerous pancreatic cyst gets removed from the organ, it might help in preventing the risk of developing pancreatic cancer altogether.

Role of the Cyst Removal

The International Cancer of the Pancreas Screening Consortium has revealed a new set of guidelines. As per the latest guidelines, the consortium calls for the early detection as well as the removal of the pancreatic cysts. This is to be applied in the case in which there are one or more cysts in the organ along with the duct dilation being more than 10mm.

The latest study was conducted at the leading John Hopkins Center. It revealed that the removal of the pancreatic cysts when the duct dilation would reach 5mm or more could help in preventing pancreas cancer. The findings of the study are known to be in accordance with the European Guidelines 2018. The findings encourage the fact that such cysts should be removed surgically when the duct dilation tends to be less than 10mm.

Thoughts on the Study

Dr. Ross Beckman –the leading author of the study at John Hopkins, says, “In case we continue using the highly conservative surgical point of removing the cysts with 10mm dilation, the findings of the study reveal that it will only enhance the chances of developing pancreatic cancer in the long run.”

Ross added that as they would switch to a highly aggressive form of removing the cyst surgically, it can help them in saving more lives from the risks of developing pancreatic cancer in the long run. The reports of the study were recently published in the journal named “Annals of Surgery.” In the given study, the researchers also observed that there were strong associations between the odds of developing pancreatic cancer and the varying dilation levels.

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