A Young Man Adopts a Dog With Cancer. Find Out His Story

In a heart-touching instance, a young man adopts a dog with cancer to give him a proper home for the last days of his life.

A dog having cancer needed a home. The dog had developed a deformity in his head that was caused due to the presence of tumors. However, this fact did not deter the young man named “Luciano Karosas” –aged 21 years, to adopt the dog to provide him a proper home and family love during the last days of his life.

The Dog’s Heartfelt Story

As the dog with cancer reached his new home, he has been a part of four other families –all of them rejected the dog due to his ill health. The cancer had eventually spread to his head before the dog reached the home of Luciano –located in Berazategui in Argentina.

While the dog was struggling with his disease and rejections from the families, a woman named Griselda came to his rescue. She rescued the dog to help him find a good owner who would take care of him and provide him with all the love that he needed during the last phase of his life. The hardest thing out there for the new tutor of the dog was to processes the given news that he received from the vet. The vet told Luciano that the dog had only 40 days to live.

Making His Last Few Days Special

While it was quite disheartening for Luciano, he decided to make the last few days of his dog the most special. He says, “All I wanted to do was to try and save his life as much as possible. When that was not possible, I want to give him all the love that he needs before he says the final goodbye.” The dog has been living with Luciano for over two weeks and likes playing with other dogs in the neighborhood. He appears to be happier than ever before.

The young man who wishes to extend the life of his dog decided to utilize oil derived from a medicinal plant. The treatment did make his dog feel a little better. While some recovery gave Luciano some hope, Luciano keeps posting the images of his dog –now named “Thanos” on Instagram to inspire others.

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