A Team of Scientists from Israel Find a Way to Prevent Melanoma Cells from Hijacking the Brain

With Melanoma being one of the deadliest forms of cancers out there, a team of scientists from Israel has come up with a way to prevent the melanoma cells from hijacking the brain.

A team of scientists from Israel at the TAU (Tel Aviv University) has come up with a way to prevent the melanoma cells from hijacking the brain. Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. Once diagnosed as well as treated through surgery, it is still not possible to cure the disease –especially when malignancy of the disease starts spreading out to other vital organs of the body.

The metastatic stage for melanoma has a survival rate of 10 years –less than 10 percent with an overall life expectancy of just 2-7 months. The overall life expectancy would depend on the number of organs to which the disease has spread out. Melanoma is known to spread out to vital organs of the body, including lungs, liver, lymph nodes, and even brain.

The Research for Finding the Way

A team of scientists at the TAU (Tel Aviv University) in Israel has recently published a study report in the journal called “Cell Reports.” The study analyzes the fact that melanoma tumor cells can hijack the brain by finding a way through some inflammatory factor that gets secreted by the brain cells.

After the discovery, the scientists came across a revolutionary method that helped in neutralizing the hijacking mechanism that can help in blocking the pathway as well as preventing brain metastasis in patients having melanoma. The study was conducted in mice samples and revealed that it worked effectively in the tumor cells that were removed surgically from the human brain as well.

Results of the Study

Professor Neta Erez at the Pathology Department of the TAU and the lead author of the study report revealed that the prognosis for the patients with brain metastases in case of melanoma patients tends to be quite grim. The scientists in Israel made use of a mice sample for studying spontaneous brain metastases in melanoma cases and for analyzing the interactions of tumors in melanoma with the microenvironment in the brain.

The scientists discovered that a special factor could help in preventing such interactions. By making use of genetic tools for inhibiting the receptor’s expression on melanoma cells, the scientists were able to successfully block the tumor cells’ ability to respond to the specific astrocyte signaling.

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