A New Study Reveals Potential in Destroying Cancer Stem Cells

A new study has revealed ample potential in the destruction of cancer stem cells. The results of the study can prove highly beneficial in making drugs that can prevent recurrent cancers.

A team of scientists at the University of Toledo that has been investigating improvements to the major chemotherapy drug, has recently succeeded in discovering a completely new class of cancer-killing components that has shown promises in destroying the cancer stem cells.

The findings of the study can prove as a major breakthrough in not only treating cancer, but also in ensuring cancer does not return after certain years. The results of the study aim at providing the patients peace of mind that cancer is gone completely.

The Study for Destroying Cancer Stem Cells

Dr. William Taylor –a leading professor at the University of Toledo College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics in the Department of Biological Sciences, says that not all cancer cells are the same –not even when present in the same tumor. There is a lot of variation in some of the cancer cells –like the cancer stem cells.

Taylor, along with Dr. L. M. Viranga Tillekeratne –a professor at the UToledo College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Department of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, reported that the findings of the study that was recently published in the journal “Scientific Reports.”

Cancer Stem Cells & Their Destruction

As per the study, the cancer stem cells serve to be an interesting target for the researchers. This is because cancer stem cells have the potential to make the tumor recur easily. The experts say that currently, there is no drug that can kill the cancer stem cells. However, scientists are continuously searching for drugs or treatments that can kill cancer stem cells.

Due to this major contribution to the field of cancer research & treatment, Dr. Tillekeratne has received the exclusive 3-year grant of $449,000 from the reputed National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute for continuously testing the overall effectiveness of the all-new identified therapy for killing cancer stem cells.

As the molecules are being specifically aimed at targeting the stem cancer cells, there is a possibility that the molecules can be paired ultimately with other types of chemotherapy drugs for delivering a highly comprehensive treatment. It can serve highly revolutionary in the field of cancer research and treatment.

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