A new Approach to Raise Hope for the Treatment of the Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancers out there. However, an all-new approach might help in raising hope for its treatment.

While pancreatic cancer is one of the fatal types of cancers out there, a team of scientists has come up with a new approach that could be groundbreaking for its treatment. The new approach incorporates an extended form of personalized radiation along with chemotherapy and surgery in case the chemotherapy is not successful in abolishing cancer completely.

A team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has come up with a completely different prognosis –surgery in which longer survival was assumed possible. Dr. Mark Truty –a surgical oncologist at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, explains, “When the patients are given the right treatment, we can easily predict that the long-term result might turn out excellent. In such a case, surgery might turn out to be worth the overall risk.”

Possible Treatment to Pancreatic Cancer

In around third of the cases of pancreatic cancer, the patients are diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Truty offers his estimation that around half of the patients with pancreatic cancer at stage 3 would seek care after it was claimed that their tumors could not be removed surgically. The approach of his team to treat the patients having stage 3 pancreatic cancer turns out quite different from typical oncology strategies. The approach at Mayo Clinic works as –the patients are provided an extended form of personalized chemotherapy units of a specific tumor marker in the respective blood, referred to as CA 19-9 to the normal range. In case the PET scan reveals that the tumor has been destroyed, the doctors can then move forward with treatments like radiation & surgery.

Hopes with the New Approach

Around 194 patients at the Mayo Clinic were given treatment using the personalized approach. Out of these patients, it was observed that around 89 percent of the patients lived longer than what was expected to be around 12-18 months. As per the study presented by the Mayo Clinic, the all-new approach has been successful in pushing the overall survival rate of the patients with pancreatic cancer to around five years –after the cancer diagnosis. This approach serves to be new hope in the given scenario of effective treatment for pancreatic cancer.

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