A Cancer Researcher Says Two Meals Per Day can be the Perfect Recipe for Ensuring Long-term Health

A leading cancer researcher –Dr. Miriam Merad at the Cancer Research Institute Awards, recently revealed that having two meals per day can serve to be the ideal recipe for ensuring long-term health.

Dr. Miriam Merad had been studying intermittent fasting for quite a long time. At the latest Cancer Research Institute Awards, she revealed that through her study, she has analyzed that having two meals per day can serve to be the ideal recipe for ensuring the long-term health of the individuals. She even published the study in a leading journal to reveal that people who had the habit of fasting for around 19 hours in a single day can help in drastically reducing the number of inflammatory cells circulating in the blood. The inflammatory cells tend to accumulate themselves in fat tissues and play a major role in contributing to the disease.

Role of Eating for Long-term Health

Dr. Miriam recently observed that fasting can help in reducing the risks of developing certain deadly chronic diseases. She was so impressed with the results that she started avoiding breakfast while also limiting her eating hours to lunch and moving her dinner time to earlier during the evening.

When you have time to digest, it helps in making you feel better. Her study reports were published in the journal named Cell and revealed that fasting tends to have positive benefits on the body’s cellular level.

Intermittent Fasting Helps in Preventing Inflammation in the Body

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Merad conducted her study on as many as 12 healthy individuals by taking their blood samples who had fasted for 19 hours. Along with her co-authors of the study, Merad found that taking a break from regular eating can help in putting the inflammatory monocyte cells to rest in the body. The inflammatory monocyte cells –known for being dispatched towards healing wounds and preventing infection, also tend to accumulate in fat tissues of the body while contributing to certain chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

In her study, Merad reports that skipping meals can help people in living healthier, fuller lives. People who are known to restrict calories or fast might have fewer heart-related diseases, lower risks of strokes, better cholesterol levels, and fewer cases of diabetes. Therefore, for being healthy and remaining at the peak of one’s health, it is recommended to practice fasting in some instances.

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