8-Year-Old Girl Celebrates Going Cancer-free After She Fought Stage IV Neuroblastoma

An 8-year-old girl fought cancer and celebrated going cancer-free after she battled her Stage IV neuroblastoma.

Zoe Figueroa –a lively 8-year-old girl, recently celebrated her journey of going cancer-free after she battled for stage IV neuroblastoma during her younger years. Zoe battled for Neuroblastoma of stage IV for as many as 16 months till she became cancer-free in January this year. Lately, she celebrated herself going cancer-free on her 8th birthday.

Zoe’s Fight with Cancer

During her 8th birthday, all of Zoe’s family, as well as friends, joined in to celebrate her birthday along with Zoe becoming cancer-free from her painful condition. Sheena Figueroa, Zoe’s mother, recalls that she had dreamed of her daughter going cancer-free. Now that it is finally here, she wished to celebrate it with her daughter.

Recalling Zoe’s fight with cancer, Sheena says that her daughter was given only 50 percent chance to live with her cancer. Zoe even underwent several surgeries along with a wide number of aggressive treatments. While all these treatments were quite painful, Sheena said that Zoe remained positive with her bright attitude as well as spirit.

Zoe’s Positive Attitude

Throughout her treatment, Zoe remained positive. While celebrating her birthday along with her cancer-free journey, Zoe decided to donate all the presents that she had received for her birthday to the local foundations as well as hospitals. These hospitals and foundations –including the Healing Little Heroes Foundation, had helped Zoe through her journey of going cancer-free.

Dr. Justin Wu –a leading member as well as a surgeon at Healing Little Heroes Foundation, says that it is a wonderful gesture out of an 8-year-old girl to react so maturely that she decides to donate all her gifts to other kids at various foundations and hospitals.

As Zoe celebrated her birthday, she, along with her friends, danced and celebrated all night long. Now, the Figueroa family says that it is ready to lead a completely normal life with their daughter who has recovered entirely. Zayden –Zoe’s younger brother, says that he is happy that Zoe has turned eight. He is happy to see Zoe being excited about not having cancer anymore.

As far as Zoe is concerned, she simply could not wait to celebrate both her birthday as well as her journey of going cancer-free. She says that she just wants to be happy and eat lots of cake.

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