8-Year-Old Feeling Delighted After Defeating Stage-4 Brain Cancer

If you are in for some inspiration, you can go through this story filled with hope.

Cameron Scott –the cute, little 8-year-old kid was filled with excitement as he managed to defeat brain cancer of Stage 4 at St. Jude. Scott definitely defied the odds by fighting Stage-4 of brain cancer –a rare type of cancer of the brain. The inspiring story of Scott proves that there is always hope –irrespective of how dire the odds might appear. When Cameron was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, his parents never thought of giving up and joined him in his journey of fighting cancer that had reached the critical stage 4.

Cameron’s Case

Cameron’s parents –Tamika & Wendell Scott, started worrying after Cameron fell off from stairs and started complaining about back pain. Soon after, his parents came to know of the fact that a tumor had started growing at his brain’s stem. The tumor had eventually traveled down to the spine towards taking root in Cameron’s body.

Even after the complicated diagnosis, Wendell was well aware of the fact that they would continue fighting hard to get Cameron treated. Cameron spent almost a year at the world-famous St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The decision that his parents made only saved his life.

Cameron’s Miraculous Recovery

The amazing team of cancer specialists at St. Jude’s was capable of isolating the given type of cancer in Cameron’s case. The team came up with a personalized treatment plan for ensuring the best results for Cameron.

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Even when the overall medical expenses were quite high, Cameron’s family left no stone unturned to make it possible for their child to believe in leading a cancer-free life. Cameron is the youngest of 6 children to his parents. The news of his cancer diagnosis completely took the entire family on its heels. Every member of the family dropped everything to ensure that Cameron was their first priority. Wendell even went forward with putting his small business on hold as he continued traveling with Cameron to his hospital visits. Wendell was with his son throughout the cancer treatment phase –right from the moment of chemotherapy to his radiation treatments that were required to treat his cancer.

This is a heartwarming story of how an 8-year-old is now able to smile all over again with his cancer being treated with support from all around.

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