5-year-old Who Wished to be an “Army Man,” Died of Cancer – Family Asks Members of the US Military to Attend His Funeral

In a heart-wrenching story of a 5-year-old boy who wished to be an “Army Man,” recently died due to his condition, the family of the body now wants military members to attend the body’s funeral.

River “Oakley” Nimmo –a sweet, little 5-year-old body from Arkansas, always wished to be an Army Man when he grew up. Sadly, the boy died last week after battling cancer. To support the body at his funeral, the family of the body has asked the military members to join his funeral.

River “Oakley” Nimmo passed away after battling an “extensive fight” with neuroblastoma for over three years.

Oakley’s Dreams of Being an Army Man

Oakley was described by his close ones as being “courageous, smart, feisty, and full of life.” His family recalled that Oakley would often talk about his dreams of being an Army Man when he grew up. Moreover, Oakley even took to playing with his toy guns and Power Wheels when he used to get free time after hospital visits.

Honoring Oakley’s Untimely Death

In honor of the big dreams Oakley had, the boy’s family has requested the members of the US military as well as veterans to attend the funeral of the boy –in full uniform. The funeral is scheduled to take place on 23rd July at the Cullendale First Baptist Church, Camden, Arkansas at 10 am. The burial of the body is supposed to take place at the nearest Furr Cemetery, Locust Bayou, after that.

Oakley’s family took to Facebook to post that they will be giving Oakley a full-end military service towards honoring his wish to be an Army Man when he grew up. The family wants to pay tribute to Oakley as a soldier.

The Arkansas National Guard announced that they had promoted Oakley to the post of Honorary Colonel for honoring his life as well as a passion for the military of the United States of America. The National Guard, Arkansas wrote on Facebook that on behalf of ladies as well as gentlemen at the Arkansas National Guard, Oakley might rest in peace.

The social media users have been quick in sending their prayers to the family of Oakley from all around the United States of America. A user said that even after all the pain, Oakley is all-army as he was in combat for three of the five-year enlistment.

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