15-Year-Old Science Enthusiast Invents Pancreatic Cancer Test with 100% Accuracy

A 15-year-old science enthusiast has come up with a revolutionary pancreatic cancer test for early diagnosis.

Jack Andraka –a 15-year-old lad from Crownsville, Maryland, has been successful in inventing pancreatic cancer test for the early diagnosis of the patients. To top it all, the test delivers 100 percent accurate results in terms of cancer diagnosis. While it is not a cure for cancer, still early diagnosis in case of patients with pancreatic cancer can help in making a major difference between cancer detection and survival.

The Latest Cancer Test for Pancreatic Cancer

The inspiration for the invention by Jack was witnessing the death of a close friend from the painful pancreatic cancer. The young scientist from Maryland observed that a major problem with pancreatic cancer treatment was a failure to diagnose the disease during its early stages. As pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with the deadly disease at a later stage, it mostly serves as a death sentence for them. With early detection, the overall chances of survival of the pancreatic cancer patients can improve significantly.

Andraka’s Invention Leading to Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

A new Approach to Raise Hope for the Treatment of the Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

During his invention, Andraka eventually came up with a small device. The device is like a dipstick probe that comes with a built-in filter paper. This device is used along with an instrument for the measurement of electrical resistance. The combination of both is used for detecting pancreatic cancer during its early stages, and its results were 100 percent accurate.

Andraka believes that the device could help in detecting disease with utmost accuracy by making use of similar concepts. Currently, Andraka is known to hold the international patent on the given device. As per the reports by National Geographic, by altering the antibody, the sensor-detecting device helps in detecting biomarkers for major diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, heart diseases, malaria, and other types of cancers as well.

Andraka states that as he could not save his friend from the deadly pancreatic cancer, he has discovered something such that other families do not have to go through the same situation. He has even delivered various TEDx talks towards explaining his invention and how it can help in detecting cancers successfully. During his invention, Andraka was determined and thus, came up with a proper budget stating his list of materials, procedure, and timeline. He received an affirmation from the John Hopkins School of Medicine for his invention.

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