13-Year-Old Boy Streams for 10 Hours Daily to Fund His Father’s Cancer Treatment

Going by the handle “zyITV” on Twitch, a 13-year-old boy went forward with streaming for 10 hours at a stretch for a fortnight to fund cancer treatment of his father.

Twitch is a famous online portal that allows its users to stream themselves online while doing various other activities along with talking with the viewers and asking for donations or funds. While in some cases, the portal might get slightly toxic, there are other times when the platform is capable of pulling together immensely heartwarming ways of helping those who might be in need.

The 13-Year-Old Streamer

The 13-year-old boy going by the handle “zyITV” on Twitch had recently joined the platform. He started streaming himself as he played the online game, namely “Fortnite” on the online portal Twitch. Unlike other boys or streamers, this lad is not just looking for extra pocket money for himself. He is streaming to fund cancer treatment of his father.

zyITV says that his father has been diagnosed with rectal cancer of stage IV. Currently, his father is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. However, quite unfortunately, the family is running out of funds to finance the cancer treatment. This was when zyITV thought of streaming himself on Twitch in order to raise awareness and create ample funding for his father’s treatment.

How is “zyITV” Able to Raise Money?

The Twitch platform lays out specific rules that mandate the streamers to be at least 13 years of age. While it is quite unclear how old zyITV is exactly, still there is some other instance at which Twitch might consider looking at some other way. The boy has been putting in the challenging 10-hour streaming session for playing the video game “Fortnite” in order to raise ample donations from the strangers all around.

As zyITV has been making continuous efforts, the results are now showing off. Recently, his story became quite viral on Reddit with multiple gamers all around making a pledge to donate to the cancer treatment of his father. Explaining his condition on Twitch, zyITV exclaims that initially his father was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer. Given his family conditions, the young lad asks for donations from all around to ensure continued chemotherapy for his father’s condition. With continued chemotherapy, his father could live longer by as much as 20 percent.

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