Do you love instant noodles? Well, everyone does! However, a team of scientists has warned people to stop eating instant noodles upon its association with increased risks of cancer and strokes.
A new study has claimed that drinking tap water continuously in California could potentially increase the overall risk of developing cancer in the long run. A team of researchers from the...
Melanomas that occur on the extremities –including nail, feet, and hands, is known to be the rarest skin cancer subtype. However, it might turn out highly aggressive at times. Karolina...
The nurse who was unaware that she had esophageal cancer of stage 4 until she started coughing up blood, is not cancer-free with the help of this innovative technology.
In a recent study, an all-new cancer vaccine has shown promising results when it was tested on human trials of patients having lymphoma.
David Green –a history teacher, was awarded 100 days of leave from his colleagues as he used to run his sick days to be with his cancer-stricken daughter.

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